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1. Why doesn't it look right when I print?

The printed output of the colors and patterns you choose will vary depending on the printer. High resolution printers will squeeze the lines of a pattern together and make the pie section appear like a solid color. If this happens, set the "Properties" of your printer to output at a lower dots per inch (dpi). If your printer driver does not permit this, then consider using only solid colors.

2. Are there any special sytem requirements?

HotClock was writtten for Windows 95/98/NT. Any computer capable of running one of these operating systems should be able to run HotClock with no problem.

3. Does the install program overwrite any important files that can cause problems with other programs I've installed?

No. Also, HotClock can easily be removed by using the uninstaller (click the Add/Remove programs icon in your Control Panel).